Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Thinking Loud, Thinking Positively

Hello and Welcome to my New Blog for my NEW Project :)

Please, have a read at this page for more information about my new project.

This is, an upcoming project that I am planning to start working on after I finish the current projects I am working on OR at least, hand them over to someone who can take care of them.

I am currently in the middle of an important process. I am trying to fully charge my batteries as these batteries are really low. I've been working so hard on so many things at the same time so I need to relax and think wisely of what I want and plan for it correctly. 

I am also trying to cut down my current projects, hold what I can't work on at the moment, cancel those which maybe useless and carry on with the most important ones. There are projects and tasks. Tasks will keep coming and sometimes, I don't have the full control over it and it is either YES or NO (I will do it or I will not) but for Projects, this is coming from an idea that kicks in my mind and I must have the full control over this.

For the moment, this post and this blog is to think positively and loudly regarding this project. Instead of writing that down on a paper only, I am sharing it over here :)

Thanks for reading!

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