About LUA

What is LUA?

LUA (Linux Users Academy) is a Project started by Ali Linx (AKA amjjawad) which aims to:

  1. Spread Linux around the global
  2. Help Users to Learn and Understand Linux
  3. Make everyone's life much easier
  4. Spread the spirit of contributions to Linux not only use it
  5. Make Project Managers/Leaders for Linux from Fresh New Users to Linux

LUA is actually 7 projects in 1. It has 7 stages/grades/phases and indeed, it is like a school or college where the student needs to go through all the levels in order to graduate.   

LUA Grades
  1. IamNewToLinux: Grade 1 and this is for users who have never ever seen nor tried Linux at all. Here, users learn how to walk in The Linux World.
  2. IamBeginnerToLinux: Grade 2 and it is suitable for those who have passed grade 1 and/or those who have seen and tired Linux already but they are still learning about it.
  3. IamAverageUserToLinux: Grade 3 which is good for those who have passed grade 2 and/or those who are already Linux Users and already know the basic about Linux and can find their way through Linux easily with less extra help from someone else.
  4. IamContributorToLinux: Grade 4. For those who have passed grade 3 and/or those who have decided not only use Linux but to pay back by actually contributing to it.  This level or grade is very important. This will play a major role not only for this project but for Linux in general. Too many users but much less contributor. I do hope it is just a matter of time until this process simplify and explain the idea of contributions.
  5.  IamTeamLeaderForLinux: Grade 5 which is for those who passed grade 4 and/or for those who actually contribute already to Linux and would like to take it to the next level and increase their contributions and help even more. This should explain how to be a Team Leader in any project and how to help, what to be done, etc.
  6.  IamCoordinatorForLinux: Grade 6 and this is for those who passed grade 5 and/or for those who are brave enough, skilled enough and willing enough to take their activities to the next level and run all the way in The Linux World and be coordinators on Linux Projects. This is really challenging and those who reach to this level, they have already unlocked their talent and unleashed the abilities.
  7. IamProjectLeadForLinux: Grade 7 and the FINAL grade. This for the special ones who managed to successfully pass grade 6 and now, are able not only to run but to fly in the sky of the Linux World. Here, we build the leaders of the future and here, we make the real brave capable talented and gifted people who will take Linux to the next level. Self-motivated, Self-leaners, and loving the challenge, this is of course not for everyone but only those who are willing to reach this level. Those who reach here and pass, they are very much able to teach and guide the world. Of course, they will still learn as the learning process will never stop until one's life is over but instead of just learning, they will be ready to share all what they have learned to others.

In order not to burn out and do so much at the same time, I will not immediately start with this project. I have some projects already between my hands, once I am done or least find someone who can take over, I shall start with LUA.

This post is just to think loudly and write down my plans.  

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